Darling Doodles

Available puppies 

We currently do not have puppies available, we will be expecting a bernedoodle litter in September 2024, join the wait list now to have the chance to claim your puppy!

Bernie x Jacks 

F2B bernedoodles 

Which puppy is for you?

Be open about the puppy that would best fit in your environment and the personality you seek 

Puppy program

To ensure our puppies are leaving with full training and health potential, we follow a puppy program which enables these pups to use their genetic design properly and maintain the health quality for their future. 


behavioral expectations

We socialize our puppies with at least 5different adults, children and animals. As well as take them to 5 new environmental areas 

Mom and dad play a vital role in behavioral expectations, allowing them to train their pups in their daily life is crucial to their development and learning the social hues of their peer animals.


Maintaining the health of these puppies is key to their future. Puppies are vulnerable 6 months and under to illness, being sure our puppies stay clean physically and keeping their environment/nursery clean is our daily goal. 

Follwing the suggested veterinary recommendations as to medically treating our puppies is a top priority, ensuring they receive their dewormings/vaccinations timely and any other medical needs are being met. 

Basic training

It is no secret how intelligent the poodle breed is. We like to use this to our advantage and introduce training to our pups immediately to help them reach their full genetic capability! 

We start this training at two weeks with the introduction of sound, adding in objects at three weeks. Once puppies are four weeks the training can really take off focusing on crate, leash, potty and house training. This helps not only you but them as well, once they join your new home they will have this familiarity and it will not be such a hard thing for them.

This breed naturally loves to be taught, take time training your pup to keep them and yourselves happy!

A professional trainer is highly recommended to help teach you and your pup.