Darling Doodles
My husband and I are small breeders located in Virginia we breed Golden Doodles and bernedoodles. We first fell inlove with the goldendoodle breed, loving their spunky, loyal character and the benefits of both sides of a golden retriever and poodle. After years of being a goldendoodle breeder we got our first bernedoodle!
We love how similar both breeds are, how well their personalities complimented each other, adding a beautiful Bernese to the mix made our family all the more beautiful and fun! Then transforming our home with the added love of conjoining our goldens and bernese. 
To be sure we are giving the best care for our dogs we breed only what we are able to handle, including being able to provide all dogs proper grooming, health and emotional needs met. Currently we have four beautiful girls and our one handsome father! 

darling Doodles are intelligent, kind, adorable and loving dogs. Keeping them in a family environment is important to us, upholding breeder standards for all!

 Doodles are wonderful adapters and can adjust to any family size, big or small. They are great therapy dogs; ask about potential service dogs.

We offer family raised doodles, this betters socialization and adaption to kids. Our puppies are put in a puppy introductory training program which enables proper socialization, behavioral expectations, crate, potty, leash and house training. With any puppy they will need your time, effort, and consistency in training. We vaccinate and stay up to date on medications, shots, dewormers, and veterinary checks until the puppy comes to join its new home.

Puppy policy: If within 14 days of the sale date, the purchaser believes the dog to be sick, the purchaser will return the puppy with a letter from a examining licensed veterinarian. The puppy will either be refunded full price or exchanged for another puppy or dog of equal value. The seller has no responsibility of the puppy when the puppy leaves the premises. The seller receives no responsibility for medical expenses, landlord disapproval, animal allergy, disagreement of family or any other reason than stated. If for any reason the purchaser must sell puppy they will notify the seller. The puppy is to be spay/neutered at the age of 12 months. The puppy will need additional vaccinations, de-worming, and possible other medications.

This agreement is mutual between the seller and purchaser.

Strasburg, VA